Quality Policy Statement

  • Stilhoek Boerdery is a business within the Fresh Produce sector.    Its principal activity is the manufacture of fresh and frozen fruit products.
  • Stilhoek Boerdery meets the legal and customer specification standards for its products. Through the application of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles Stilhoek Boerdery strives to produce products that are safe, legal and of the highest quality standard.
  • Through customer focus from the senior management team, Stilhoek Boerdery ensures that customers’ needs and expectations are fulfilled.
  • Stilhoek Boerdery recognises its place within the community by addressing the needs of its employees in terms of stability of employment, provision of suitable facilities and equipment for the performance of their duties and appropriate training.
  • Stilhoek Boerdery recognises its responsibilities, as a producer in the produce industry, to the care and maintenance of the environment.
  • Stilhoek Boerdery manages and maintains its standards with a quality manual clearly outlining details of all commitments.
  • Stilhoek Boerdery makes use of the following standards SANS 10049 and SANS 10330.