Stilhoek Boerdery

Stilhoek Boerdery (SB) is a family owned enterprise, owned by JJ Germishuys & sons.
All the shareholders come from an agricultural background.
SB came into life in 1996 and was registered as a CC in 2004. Stilhoek Boerdery CC was converted to a (PTY) LTD in 2012
First Passion Fruit trials were planted in October 1996 to determine suitability of climate and conditions.
Selections for best variety was started in 1997.
SB focused on processing of fruit for the first few years of production.
The advantages that specializing in processing had on fresh fruit production:
Selection of plant material to maximize yield, fruit mass , shelf life(skin thickness), Brix, PH and flavour was set as a priority.
A good understanding of the plant and its production patterns was established.
Adapting cultivation methods to be able to handle larger production areas were implemented.
Being able to grow our production volumes by processing surplus fruit in peak production periods.
Stilhoek Boerdery pack house is situated ± 110 km north of Pretoria and 170 km from OR Thambo International Airport
The pack house has easy access to the tarred road and is only 17 km from the N1 Highway.
The pack house consist of 3000 m² under-roof space with storage, cold rooms, sorting, packing and dispatch areas. 35 tons of fruit can be handled in the pack house per day and up to 16 tons of export fruit can be packed per day.
The processing facility consist of 980 m² of processing, freezer and storage space. A total of 24 tons of fruit can be processed per day.
There are three production sites within a 15 km radius of each other.
This spreads risks like frost, hail and spread of diseases significantly.
The production sites are situated at the foothills of the Waterberg Mountain range.
Due to the much lower rainfall, lower humidity and lower concentration of agricultural activity than in the Lowveld, it is a much healthier production environment. This minimizes the use of most chemical applications.
production site
In 2008-2009 season, the season was started with 17 hectares of existing plantings and a further 12 hectares was planted. This brought the total hectares to 29.
In 2009-2010 season, the season was started with 27 hectares of existing plantings and 11 hectares was planted or replanted. This brought the total hectares to 38.
In 2010-2011 the season was started with 25 hectares and 33 hectares was planted or replanted. This brought the total hectares to 58.
The 2011-2012 the season was started with 38 hectares of existing plantings and 29 hectares was planted or replanted. This brought the total hectares under production up to 69.
The preparation of an additional 21 hectares of plantings was done on the Mooiplaas production site and completed in September 2013. This brought the production area to 90 hectares.
Stilhoek Boerdery has shown steady growth over the last five seasons and has acquired two more farms (including Passion Fruit Farms) to increase production capacity during that period.
It is the aim of Stilhoek Boerdery to develop to full production capacity by 2015.
Reaching full production capacity will mean that 70 hectares of plantings will be in full production each season.
Production volumes will reach 2800 tons of fruit annually.
Production for 2010-2011 season was 750 tons.
Production for 2011-2012 season was 1140 tons of fruit.
Production for 2012-2013 season reached 2200 tons.
Stilhoek Boerdery is already the biggest single Passion Fruit supplier in South Africa
Stilhoek Boerdery can at this stage not supply the increasing demand for fruit and pulp and can expand its operation to at least 150 hectares to meet current demand. With the new infrastructure that is available huge potential for growth is possible.
Stilhoek Boerdery is working closely with the ARC to register fungicides for use on Passion Fruit in South Africa.
Stilhoek Boerdery is also funding trials and making cash contributions towards this cause.
Stilhoek Boerdery was a major role player in setting up the Passion Fruit Growers Association and is also represented on the board.
Stilhoek Boerdery is also doing ground breaking work by using foliar feeds on Passion Fruit as anti-fungal agents.
Stilhoek Boerdery is very active in the development of new varieties and has produced a number of exciting cultivars.
Purple Passion fruit with excellent flavour, yield, and taste with fruit weight in the region of 220g has been developed. Two of these varieties is now registered and is the sole property of Stilhoek Boerdery.
220g passion fruit
Stilhoek Boerdery processes Passion Fruit into fresh pulp as well as single strength juice without seeds. This creates a steady supply of Passion Fruit seed that can be utilised for further processing.
The possibility to process the seed into oil was investigated and the research showed promising uses for the oil in the cosmetic and medicinal fields.
It was decided to acquire a pilot seed pressing plant with the capacity to press 30 kilograms of seed per hour. This enabled us to press samples for analysis and to supply clients with samples.
Stilhoek Boerdery has the capacity to supply 6 to 8 tons of Passion Fruit seed oil per year on current production.
Stilhoek Boerdery is still looking at the marketing of the oil as it seems that the volumes we are able to supply greatly exceed the capacity of the local demand.
Analysis of the oil is available on request.
It is the aim of Stilhoek Boerdery to constantly supply the South African and export market with high quality Passion Fruit, grown by utilising the safest possible methods which have the least impact on the environment.
It is the aim of Stilhoek Boerdery to create a safe and happy working environment for our workers and to create sustainable jobs to our community and to contribute to the welfare of our community.
It is our vision to become the most reliable supplier of Passion Fruit in South Africa and that we are able to supply our clients for a period of at least 9 months of the year.